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"We are indebted to Dr. Jennifer Thibodeau and colleagues for sharing an initiative at JCF [Journal of Cardiac Failure] aimed at doing just that - translating principal findings of selected papers into patient-friendly, educational content intended to be shared with patients and their families.

 We hope that this JCF endeavor will serve multiple purposes: 1) to empower patients and their families to actively partake in their HF care dialogues with their providers, 2) to bridge the sometimes perceived divide between research and patient-facing practice and 3) to support a shift in our community's culture to seek and explain the significance of every academic venture as it relates to patients in simple terms. These Patient Focus editorials are published once a month and can be found in multiple places: as a Linked Article attached to the Original Research Paper, as a separate entry in the Articles in Press area of the JCF website and listed in the Patient and Caregiver Center. We hope you find these pieces informative and please let us know if you have suggestions as we work to optimize this platform."



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