Intellectual Property Arrangements, report from Australia's Productivity Commission, December 20, 2016

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From the full report, pp. 23-24: "The current policy settings for publicly-funded research, whereby recipients of funding own any resultant IP, and specialised technology transfer offices facilitate the dissemination of research results, are generally sound. However, copyright restrictions on access to publicly-funded research publications limit the dissemination of knowledge, and digitisation has significantly diminished the rationale for limiting access in this way. Publicly-funded research publications should be available to the public under open access arrangements after a 12 month embargo period...."

Also see Section 16 at p. 461: "Publication is an important mechanism for knowledge diffusion from publicly-funded research. But access to published material is often limited by copyright. − All governments should adopt open access policies (free access once a decision to publish is taken) for the results of publicly-funded research. The Australian Government should encourage international agencies it co-funds to adopt a similar policy. − Importantly, such an open access policy does not in itself compel publication...."

Also see Recommendation 16.1 at p. 470: "The Australian, and State and Territory governments should implement an open access policy for publicly-funded research. The policy should provide free and open access arrangements for all publications funded by governments, directly or through university funding, within 12 months of publication. The policy should minimise exemptions. The Australian Government should seek to establish the same policy for international agencies to which it is a contributory funder, but which still charge for their publications, such as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development...."


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