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"This is the case with the SciPost platform, which is defined as a complete scientific publication portal. The documents are very different in nature: articles, papers and theses. They must comply with the rules of the NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). Authors can deposit manuscripts or link to an archive (as for theses that are only reported). These are evaluated and reports are posted. Comments can be added after the articles have been published. No publication fees are charged. Currently, only the domain of physics is treated. Articles are archived in CLOCKSS archive. 

Copernicus publishes 24 journals, 17 of which are for the European Geosciences Union (EGU). Each journal has its own rules for publishing fees and peer review. Most journals require APCs, evaluation is public and comments are possible. For the EGU reviews , the evaluation takes place in three phases: The first is to ensure scientific and technical quality, the second is public, and referees and members of the scientific community. The third is carried out by the editorial team of the journal, which finalizes the procedure. The costs per page range from 75 to 120 euros depending on the format of the article.

F1000 Research presents itself as the 'Open Research publishing platform' in the field of life sciences, with fast publication of articles (seven days on average after submission) and other types of research results (posters and slideshows) . All of them benefit from a transparent evaluation that takes place after publication. The authors must provide the methods and data necessary for the reproducibility of the results. F1000 Research does not have an editor-in-chief, but has an advisory board of more than 1,000 experts in biology and medicine. The evaluators are selected from F1000 Faculty experts . Their identity (name and affiliation) and their assessments are public."


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