SCOSS Funding — Call for Expression of Interest

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"A year into an important initiative to help shore up vital, non-commercial services within the Open Science community; the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS) is now beginning our search for new potential candidates to help fund. 

In short, this is how the initiative works: SCOSS provides the framework and funding structure, vetting potential candidates based on a defined set of criteria. The most eligible of those that pass the vigorous evaluation are then presented to the global OA/OS community of stakeholders with an appeal for monetary support in a crowdfunding-style approach.

At this point, the board is seeking to identify a field of such potential candidates to vet; among the basic qualifications: the organisation must be well-established but concerned about sustainability; eligible services must have a non-profit status in the country in which they are based and/or be affiliated with or owned by a research or educational institution; the service must be available regionally and globally (i.e. extend beyond national relevance). ..."


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