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"What if you could participate in a preprint journal club from anywhere in the world, unencumbered from the constraints of having to physically sit around a table at an institution? 

At PREreview, we want to take preprint journal clubs to the next level:  we are trying to change the way we do scholarly reviews. Live PREreview preprint journal clubs are hosted via an online community call, which allows anyone with internet or phone-in capabilities to join the discussion. This format also promotes inclusivity by following a structure that provides a means to join the discussion silently in written form, and vocally. 
Each live PREreview preprint journal club will be hosted by two facilitators with experience in mediating calls and will emphasize providing constructive feedback to the authors to help them improve their manuscript, and maybe even highlight new avenues of future research. During the call we will follow a template of questions that will allow us to record and collate feedback into a formal PREreview. As PREreviews are given a free DOIs and are linked from the preprint on bioRxiv, your compiled review will be citable and discoverable...."


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