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"These are some of the questions that GenR has been formulating to explore how Open Science infrastructures can become ‘the new normal’....


  1. What are the forms of governance, ownership, coordination, and communication needed for Open Science infrastructures?
  2. What tools and infrastructures available at hand to researchers now will become part of the new systems?
  3. What are the skills and practices needed by researchers, that can be passed onto colleagues and follower that will enable sustainability? (Hammitzsch and Wächter 2015)
  4. What is meant by ‘software as infrastructure’ and what impact will the adoption of the idea have on science and scholarly practices, and quality and types of research results?
  5. What are the business and economic models, and economic impacts of new formulations of systems guided by the ideas of ‘Socializing Infrastructures’? And what can be learned from other sectors such as the push back against the commercial sharing economy platforms of the likes of Uber, or Airbnb, such as in the movement of Platform Cooperativism to provide an alternative model to Platform Capitalism? (Scholz 2016) (Scholz and Schneider 2017)
  6. What can speed up the pace of change in moving to Open Science infrastructures? Is it: scholarly activism; technological changes and practices, like automation and ‘Infrastructure-as-code’ reducing costs and increasing development cycles; or/and mandates and policies; or government nationalization and/or big investment; new skills and practices; or better communications?
  7. What’s missing in infrastructures? What are ‘the known unknowns’, and how do we find ‘the unknown, unknowns’? (Rumsfeld 1992)
  8. A perplexing question. Why is the realization and implementation of Open Science infrastructures happening so slowly? When there is so much, almost frenzied, activity going on in Open Science from top-down institutional programmes and bottom-up initiatives, almost to the point of bursting. What is holding back the work? ..."


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