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From Google's English:  The Latin American librarians gathered in Bogotá in the framework of OpenCon LatAm 2019, in accordance with the Declaration of Panama on Open, Reproducible and Replicable Science (2018), “we want to make public our confidence in the role of education, culture and science , as the engine of democracy, freedom and social justice in the current historical moment ”. We want more science, we want it for everyone and we want it open.

We declare that:

  • Our mission is to ensure the right to information and knowledge as a fundamental right, indispensable for education, culture and science.
  • We recognize knowledge as a common good and we see open science as an opportunity for the development of a sustainable model that ensures the creation, management and communication of data, information and knowledge for all people in society, in all its diversity, without class distinction or conditions.
  • We are key actors to promote and facilitate cultural change, We assume the commitment to accompany the transition processes and social mobilization, promoting the appropriation of technologies, tools, methodologies, use, generation and opening of knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean

Therefore, we are committed to developing and supporting the following actions in agreed and collaborative agendas between professionals, citizens, institutions and countries...."


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