Declaración de Panamá sobre Ciencia Abierta

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From Google's English:  "Members of the academy and organizations of Latin American civil society and the Caribe, meeting in Panama City, we understand that knowledge is a good common. We want to make our public confident in the role of science as a driver of democracy, freedom and social justice in the current historical moment. We want more science and we want it open. We consider it necessary to move towards collaborative models of creation, management, communication, preservation and appropriation between the Academy - Citizenship - State - Business. Therefore, we recognize that for open science requires going beyond access open, we need to regain the role protagonist of society and claim the legitimate right of citizens to produce and harness science, technology and the innovation. For this we rely on seven principles contained in the “Mani esto de open and collaborative science: towards a open and inclusive science for wellness social and environmental ”promoted by the Network of Open and Collaborative Science for Development (OCSDNet)."



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