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"We took a step back to speak with some of our partners about the rationale behind the need for a standardised, structured and validated data format, delivering real-time, situational authoritative data from the source. We’re grateful they agreed to share their views and experiences. These partners are Stacey Burke (American Physiological Society), Colleen Campbell (Max Planck Digital Library, ESAC, OA2020), Todd Carpenter (NISO), Helen Dobson (Jisc), Matthew Goddard (Iowa State University), Marten Stavenga (John Benjamins Publishing Company) and Ivo Verbeek (Elitex).


We asked our interviewees to answer five questions:

  1. What is the underlying need for ‘reporting’?

  2. What is the minimum set of metadata required to achieve that goal?

  3. What sources (systems) capture and manage these (meta)data? Is it possible to extract the data?

  4. What makes a ‘standard’? What’s the benefit of a ‘standard’? How to get there?

  5. How does the OA Switchboard make reporting ‘easy’? How does it work, end-to-end and real-time? ..."



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