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From Google's English at pp. 106-10*: 

Open access to research results

Open access to research results contributes to maintaining and promoting a high quality of research. When results become available quickly, research can progress more quickly by more researchers being able to validate and build on previous results. Research and development is conducted not only at universities but also to a large extent in industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector. Through active dissemination and open access to research results, these actors also gain a faster share of new research breakthroughs, which can contribute to innovations, strengthened competitiveness and a strengthened public sector ....

However, it is an important position that open access is the norm and that restrictions on openness are the exception ....

A transition to open access to research results should take place gradually to ensure that it takes place in a responsible manner ....

The transition to open access to research results is hindered, among other things. due to the lack of clear incentives for researchers to make research results openly available. For scientific publications, there is currently no mechanism to encourage researchers to publish in journals with open access to articles instead of in traditional journals that often have a greater impact.

These challenges cannot be met by an individual country, but Sweden needs to cooperate with other countries both within the EU and globally .... "



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