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"This first annual report presents the progress made by the federal Science-based Departments and Agencies (SBDAs) to implement open science. This includes making federal scientific publications and data more accessible, engaging directly with Canadians to talk about federal science and involving Canadians federal research. The results of four core metrics and four supplementary metrics and related indicators presented herein will help SBDAs, the Government of Canada, and Canadians identify areas where more open science activities are needed while creating a baseline by which it can be measured.

Since inception of the National Action Plan on Open Government, advances in open science have been made. Canadians can now access more SBDA peer-reviewed publications and data, and federal scientists are engaging Canadians in a variety of innovative ways including social media, live streaming, traditional media, and citizen science projects.

Despite these achievements, there are opportunities to make science more open. New metrics and associated indicators are being developed to measure the impact of federal scientific publications in mainstream medias (e.g. social media) and to help understand the demand for SBDA open datasets...."




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