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"In his first annual address, President George Washington said, “Knowledge is in every Country the surest basis of public happiness.” Today, as the world endures a pandemic and faces a climate crisis, this statement remains as true as it was in 1790. But, for knowledge to truly empower people, we need to increase our collective understanding of the science that shapes our world. 

In recognition of Open Access week, we invite you to tune in to three one-to-one conversations, exploring issues ranging from the societal — such as the need for scientific findings to inform sound policy responses to the pandemic and climate change — to the personal, through stories from the speakers’ working lives where unlocking knowledge helped guide individual decisions or spark an appreciation of the natural world. 

We’ll draw on the experiences of two distinguished researchers in critical fields — climate science and virology — and a veteran science journalist, to illustrate the value of broadly communicating science within and beyond the academy. ..."


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