Brewster Kahle, Lessons From the First Internet Ages

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"This leads us to the third battle: the content layer. This is Creative Commons, open-access publishing and Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) versus content licensing restrictions, digital rights management technologies and consolidating publishing companies. Music, television and newspapers have largely adapted to the Internet after years of legal skirmishes. Large text publishing companies are now challenging the right to link to content by active lobbying efforts. Scholarly publishing, traditionally run by thousands of nonprofit associations, has now been consolidated into a few large commercial publishers that lobby legislatures, control regulators (often by “revolving door” hiring practices) and sue libraries. Government funding agencies have made some inroads in requiring open access, but these efforts are continuously challenged, often successfully. Even the concept of digital ownership is debated. This is the battle that Aaron Swartz fought, which led to his arrest and to his death. The lesson here is we will need dedicated government support, philanthropy and institutions in order to protect public access and libraries. Will we win this one? Many people are trying to...."


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