CAUL position on the end goal of Open Access to journal articles

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"This document outlines CAUL’s rationale and strategy to achieve the end goal of open access to journal articles articulated as universal, immediate and perpetual open access to the version of record....

This position only concerns CAUL’s approach to open access to journal articles, hence there are no broad overarching statements about open scholarship more generally. The position is being developed in parallel with CAUL’s ongoing work with other stakeholders to develop a national strategy for open research in Australia. In addition CAUL is not speaking on behalf of individual institutions who may have a different position locally....

What should CAUL do to achieve the end goal? ● Scale up the progress towards transformative agreements. CAUL has recently introduced a “FastTrack to OA” initiative to simplify and speed up the process towards open access through transformative agreements, with the aim of neutralising cost impacts to members as far as possible. This initiative includes the stated principle that there is sufficient money in the publishing ecosystem and that there should be no additional cost for transformative agreements. It is also acknowledged that transformative agreements are one strategy towards the achievement of the end goal of open access to journal articles ● Negotiate transformative agreements with major publishers as soon as practically possible, ensuring no additional cost to members and consider optional pricing models to suit various ways in which institutions account for expenditure on content subscriptions ● Ensure greater collaboration and cooperation between the CAUL Content Procurement Service and the CAUL Advancing Open Scholarship Program. (This is considered in the plans for the new position of Director, Strategy & Analytics in the CAUL National Office in 2021) ● Ensure more resources are put into data analytics and the necessary work required to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of a range of payment models. The aim would be to ideally develop a model that can be implemented in member institutions to ensure a streamlined payment channel for a single fee for publishing that enables reading for all (also considered in the CAUL National Office plans for 2021) ● Work with the DVCsR Committee of UA and all of CAUL’s stakeholders as appropriate to ensure full endorsement of the version of record as the key element in the end goal of open access (this would include funding agencies, the academies and other sector related bodies) ● Continue to support initiatives to strengthen rights retention for authors while the need for pre-publication repositories remains a necessary step on the path to the end goal..."




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