Find an expert: Who is best to represent a university on matters of 'open'?

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This was a keynote talk [by Danny Kingsley] given on 17 November 2021 on ETD2021 Abstract: Universities, by their nature, consist of people holding many different views. Discussion and argument is an expected and necessary aspect of the research process. This means it is difficult for a university to have a position on a particular issue, a top-down decision can be one approach although a true position can only genuinely be managed through a consensus. But when the understanding of an issue is uneven across the community, consensus is very difficult. This is the case for questions surrounding ‘open’ research - while there is no shortage of strongly held opinions on the matter, some ill-informed at best. So what happens when the expertise on a subject is not held within the academic ranks, but within the professional staff? Who acts as the spokesperson on the matter for the institution?


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