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These projects aim to improve library services for users in the future by combining Link Open Data (LOD) technology with data visualization. It displays and analyses search results in an intuitive manner. These services are enhanced by integrating various LOD technologies into the authority control system.


The technology known as LOD is used to access, recycle, share, exchange and disseminate information, among other things. The applicability of Linked Data technologies for the development of library information services is evaluated in this study.


Apache Hadoop is used for rapidly storing and processing massive Linked Data data sets. Apache Spark is a free and open-source data processing tool. Hive is a SQL-based data warehouse that enables data scientists to write, read and manage petabytes of data.


The distributed large data storage system Apache HBase does not use SQL. This study’s goal is to search the geographic, authority and bibliographic databases for relevant links found on various websites. When data items are linked together, all of the data bits are linked together as well. The study observed and evaluated the tools and processes and recorded each data item’s URL. As a result, data can be combined across silos, enhanced by third-party data sources and contextualized.


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