F1000 Research Platforms Lurch On - by Kent Anderson

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"The most common platform provider has been F1000 Research, which started in 2012 and was acquired by Taylor & Francis in 2020. F1000 Research has been promulgating a debatable form of open peer review for nearly a decade now, with PubMed a willing participant in its confusing scheme.

F1000 Research began “powering” various platforms for societies, funding bodies, universities, and coalitions not long after it debuted.

As a reminder, a paper posted within the F1000 Research scheme has to receive two positive reviews recommending it (in general — there are other ways to get approved) before it can be indexed in PubMed.

For authors posting to the platform, attracting peer reviewers is an uncertain proposition, causing many papers to linger without review. Conflicts of interest aren’t scrupulously managed, so the percentage of friendly reviews is unknown. And reviews generally are shorter and less rigorous than those generated via traditional methods....

There are four institutional collections — as F1000 Research refers to them — and they appear to be fairly moribund. For example, the Max Planck Society collection (launced in 2018) has 24 papers posted, with 15 (63%) indexed in PubMed. Across the four collections, there are currently 104 articles, with 77 (74%) having passed the F1000/PubMed bar....

Facing competition from branded preprint servers and mega-journals, it remains an open question whether the decade-long practice of community peer review at F1000 Research is valid or is actually a factor causing people to shy away. Will the powers that be ever reconsider it, and make it more rigorous and process-oriented? Will PubMed ever extricate itself from what may be a detrimental situation? Or has the cronyism that started the F1000/PubMed relationship been forgotten and forgiven? ..."



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