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"I think there is tension between a goal of frictionless access and the reality that more consolidation and more power in the publishing industry does not generate advantages for anyone but the owners of the publishers. The most frictionless access of all would be if one entity had the rights to every paper ever published. I see a (possibly unresolvable) tension between ease of access and between supporting and favoring smaller publishers and information presenters. Instead of always preferring convenience and frictionless use, it makes sense to me to prepare users for a little bit of friction and to accept (celebrate?) the fact that information professionals exist to help us access the disparate bits of information that get created everywhere and all the time....

I didn’t have a chance to document every aspect of SNSI’s website in this blog post, but what I did see is not necessarily promising. It seems like an effort to fix symptoms of a problem that only really exists for publishers. Additionally, these “symptoms” might be inevitable consequences of an open access world."



01/13/2022, 10:26

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