Enabling open access: author engagement and article submission processes under transformative agreements

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"Making it easy for researchers to publish their articles open access is not just a question of eliminating—or significantly lowering—the financial obstacles of APCs. Library and publisher processes, workflows, and communication streams are still deeply rooted in the old logic of accessing and producing content behind subscription paywalls.

In order for “open” to become the default in scholarly communication, these subscription-based systems will have to be reengineered so that open access is the norm and not the exception. Transformative agreements provide a framework for both libraries and publishers to initiate this process of transformation and effectively bring open access to researchers wherever they choose to publish. To illustrate how, the next session of the ESAC Community of Practice will explore how libraries, library consortia and publishers are using transformative agreements to adapt their systems and prepare their organizations for open access in research communication on a large scale. Focusing on the first point of contact with authors at the start of the scholarly publishing cycle, our guest speakers will share how they are reorienting their communication and engagement strategies with authors, adjusting mechanisms behind article submission process, and more...."



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