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"Earlier this year I outlined three ways PLOS is working to eliminate author fees through new business models. The models we introduced in 2020 began as an experiment to systemically address the barriers publications fees pose for many researchers and prove that APCs are not the only way to support Open Access. More sustainable–and equitable–models exist and we’re grateful to have partnered with so many institutions that are ready to flip the system....

At PLOS we are committed to co-creating pathways to Open Access and Open Science as we carry our mission forward. A piece of that is ensuring our approach to Open Access solutions are not one-size-fits-all. It’s the reason we don’t have just one institutional partnership model for all of our journals, but several that cater to the needs of the journal research communities, and the bodies who financially support researchers’ work. These include CAP, which keeps costs low for selective journals (and was recently honored with an ALPSP award);  Global Equity, which reflects regional economic differences; and our Flat Fee model that aims to make Open Access publishing easier and more accessible for researchers.

The uptake of these models is incredible. Doubling the number of institutions is gratifying, but, on a personal note, I take greater pride in spreading Open Access publishing worldwide. This is great for institutions and PLOS, but even better for researchers. We are as eager as any author to see open-to-publish frameworks become the norm, just as Open Access has taken hold over the past two decades. I’m just excited to be playing a part in making that happen. Watch this space for more updates!"


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