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"At the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), we believe open source tools are critical to accelerating scientific discovery. In an effort to improve our understanding of the impact of software (and scientific open source in particular) in biomedical science, we’re releasing the CZ Software Mentions Dataset — a dataset entirely composed of software mentions mined from the scientific literature. The dataset, one of the largest available to date, gives researchers access to 67 million software mentions extracted from two corpora: 3.8 million papers from the open access biomedical literature collected by PubMed Central, and 16 million full-text papers made available to CZI by publishers. Computational tools and open source software have become an essential part of the toolkit of every scientist across a vast range of disciplines. Some of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the last decade, such as the solution for the protein structure prediction problem, were made possible because of the availability of rich and comprehensive data sources and powerful software tools for data representation and analysis, numerical computation, and modeling. But unlike scholarly papers that typically receive recognition through citations and help their authors access new funding streams and growth opportunities, quantifying the impact of open source software on science has continued to be a challenge. Software is generally not formally cited in scientific publications. At best, the software that scientists use in a study is mentioned in the methods section of a paper, or it may be identified through the dependencies of research code deposited by the authors. As a result, its impact is often hard to demonstrate or quantify...."


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