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"As academic librarians helping early-stage researchers (Masters, Phds students), we are often asked to provide guidance on the literature review process in one shot classes. One thing we tend to focus on during such sessions is the keyword search technique, though many of us also cover alternative to keyword techniques like citation searching, starting off with review articles etc.

It seems to me though there are limits to what we can help for keyword searching in one shot classes, since the audience will all be working in varied topics (most commonly they may not even have a good idea of what they are looking for) and as much as we can give general advice on the use of keywords at the end of day the user has to do a lot of their own practice via iterated searching (unless this is an area where the librarian had prior experience working in)

One thing though I have been thinking about increasingly is to talk about WHERE to search.  

Compared to twenty or even ten years ago, the number of academic databases, academic search engines and other tools available to search has increased exponentially even if you focus only on those that work via keyword searching...."



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