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"Yesterday, some of the biggest textbook publishers sued Library Genesis, an illegal shadow library that publishers accused of "extensive violations of federal copyright law."

Publishers suing include Cengage Learning, Macmillan Learning, McGraw Hill, and Pearson Education. They claimed that Library Genesis (aka Libgen) is operated by unknown individuals based outside the United States, who know that the shadow library is "one of the largest, most notorious, and far-reaching infringement operations in the world" and intentionally violate copyright laws with "absolutely no legal justification for what they do."

According to publishers, Libgen offers free downloads for over 20,000 books that the publishers never authorized Libgen to distribute. They claimed that Libgen is "a massive piracy effort" and noted that their complaint may be updated if more infringed works are found. This vast infringement is causing publishers and authors serious financial and creative harm, publishers alleged....



This is not the first lawsuit to go after Libgen, and if history repeats, it likely won't be the last. TorrentFreak reported that after the publisher Elsevier sued Libgen in 2015, a court ordered Libgen to shut down. But after briefly disappearing, Libgen popped back up and has been online ever since, operating in defiance of that order—as well as court orders "in several countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom," publishers' complaint filed yesterday said. Those countries even tried ordering "Internet service providers to block access to Libgen Sites as a result of infringement actions," publishers said, all seemingly to no avail...."



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