Open Access Policy: A Statement of Support

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"Therefore, the Graduate Council and Faculty Senate call on all faculty, staff, and students of Southern Illinois University Carbondale to become familiar with the pricing and business practices of journals and journal publishers in their specialty. It further calls on faculty to consider these practices when submitting articles for publication, or participating in journal editorial activities. The Graduate Council and Faculty Senate also recommend that all authors familiarize themselves with the terms regarding copyright and distribution rights in any publication agreement they sign, and to request a non‐exclusive distribution right for themselves when such rights are not already specifically granted in the agreement.  This distribution right should include the right to post a version of the article in an institutional repository. Finally, the Graduate Council and Faculty Senate call upon all faculty to post their articles, as well as creative activities in other media including audio, video, conference presentations, and educational support services, in OpenSIUC, whenever possible. OpenSIUC is SIUC’s institutional repository, and provides the means to distribute scholarly research beyond the abilities or practices of most publishers...."


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