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Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


"Version 1.0 of Annotum, the free WordPress theme for writing scholarly articles, was announced in late November. Back in June I wrote about the first public version of Annotum, but until now using Annotum was experimental. Annotum is available in the WordPress Themes Directory at (and has been downloaded more than 9,000 times in the past three weeks), and is also available for users of I have installed Annotum 1.0 here, please drop me a note if you want an account. But how is an Annotum blog different from a regular WordPress blog? ...Annotum uses the custom post type article for scholarly content. This can be confusing in the beginning, but makes it easier to separate scholarly content from regular blog posts....Scholarly articles have more structure than blog posts, and you can add this structure with the Annotum editor...This structure is enforced, and the WordPress HTML editor is disabled. This makes it easier to create content that conforms to the NLM-DTD XML format....Annotum knows that articles can have multiple authors....Annotum knows about tables, figures, equations and references...."


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