Jan Velterop, Hybrid journals – double or quits?

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"Hybrid journals – journals that combine toll access to some articles with open access to others – do not generally enjoy a good press. Terms such as 'double-dipping' are used. This is not justified, as a general rule. I can't guarantee that double-dipping never happens, but I don't think it is generally the case. Publishers could do more to disabuse the library and research communities of the notion that it is, though....As said above, hybrid journals do not generally enjoy a good press, but I have heard positive comments about them as well in the scientific community. Those relate to the notion that the editorial policy (the acceptance/rejection policy) of hybrid journals is not influenced by the potential financial contribution coming from the authors. The 'open choice' is typically given as an option only after the article has passed peer review and is accepted. I don't think acceptance and rejection policies of any respectable OA journal are influenced by the prospect of authors paying, and I certainly don't know of any such practices at the OA publishers I am familiar with, but it is an extra assurance hybrid journals offer that that is indeed not the case...."



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