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"KLEENK is an innovative way of working with scientific content. Researchers can create any type of connection between existing scientific content, explore and organize them, and finally share it with their research fellows or everyone else....The connections between scientific contents are just as important as the contents themselves. And we mean any type of connections not just those related to citations (i.e. two papers deal with the same problem without referencing one another)....A kleenk is simply a connection between two pieces of content and it has two important elements: [1] Type: a few words summary, [2] Description: a few paragraphs with details about the connection....Tags represent an easy way of organizing your favorite kleenks. They represent an important concept in KLEENK and they can be shared and explored in a visual way....Whenever there's some activity related to your favorite kleenks or tags, you will be notified. You have complete control over which contents, kleenks or tags you are following....Every tag can be visually explored through a simple and intuitive interface. Express your ideas through a visual representation and share them with your research fellows....It is very important for us that you get to the contents you want to kleenk as quickly as possible. KLEENK has easy integration with popular publishers and service providers such as Mendeley, Springer and PLoS. You can also upload your references in BibTeX format....Kleenks are also meant to increase communication between researchers. A kleenk can be shared, commented and rated. Comments represent a very important source of feedback about how your work connects to others....KLEENK provides a new way of letting other researchers discover your work. Create kleenks with relevant papers and the people who are following those paper will be notified about your work. Having well rated kleenks will increase your chances of being cited....KLEENK is the successor of KontentLinks (www.kontentlinks.com) which was awarded the second prize in the Springer API Challenge 2011. We have taken into account all the feedback we have received and came up with much better platform, KLEENK...."



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