Kevin Smith, What problem can open access solve?

Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


Excerpt: "Widespread open access can indeed reduce the need for scholars to ask permission to use their own works and the risk of copyright litigation against colleges and universities. But it will not, by itself, solve the problem of journal prices. We need to distinguish between the problem of skyrocketing journal costs and the access problem, of which costs are only part of the cause.... Internet searches are the first recourse for many seeking information about a new topic or trying to stay current on a familiar one. Articles in toll-access journals may not be found by such searches, or when they are found, the links will not work if the toll has not been paid. Thus new technologies, and the research strategies they generate, are as much a cause of the access problem as prices are. And it is the greater “findability” that open access offers that make it primarily an opportunity for greater access and impact rather than a solution to the pricing crisis."


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