"Twin Peaks" To Return In 2016 With A Showtime Limited Series

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David Lynch and Mark Frost’s surreal drama is set to return to television after an absence of 25 years. “That gum you like is going to come back in style.”

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After days of speculation and rumor, Twin Peaks fans finally have some good (and concrete) news to look forward to: the surreal and seminal 1990s drama, from creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, will be returning.

Deadline is reporting that Lynch and Frost will write each of the nine episode limited series, which will air on pay cable network Showtime in 2016, 25 years after the series wrapped up its run. Even more intriguing: Lynch is attached to direct each of the hour-long installments. The series will be set in the present day and continue plots that were left dangling when the show was cancelled in 1991.

Showtime released the following video today in order to tease the return of Twin Peaks:


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