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"Delta Think has assembled an interactive, expertly curated, and regularly updated suite of information, focused on the significant organizations and activities in the Open Access market. Through prepared analysis, guided discovery, or independent exploration, our data and tools will provide you with the means to answer your key questions all in one place.

The Open Access Data Analytics Tool features in-depth insights on:

  • The Open Access market size today
  • Data-driven forecasts of future market growth and direction
  • An assessment and evaluation of Open Access business models
  • Detailed reviews of the market drivers and disrupters

The OA Data Analytics Tool consists of web access to an interactive, continually updated version of the analysis with the ability to manipulate the parameters within data visualizations (e.g. country, region, market segments, specialty, etc).  As data collection continues throughout the subscription year, existing topics will be updated and a minimum of four topics will be added. Subscribers to the tool also receive a single user license of The Evolving State of Open Access (PDF) as well as quarterly Open Access News & Updates."


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