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"The goal of both DynamicBooks and College Open Textbooks is to make open textbooks easy to edit, personalize, update and expand. Twenty-seven open textbooks from varied disciplines including history, science, business and mathematics will be available from the DynamicBooks platform beginning in January 2011 with more titles planned throughout 2011. Students will pay a $20 per term fee that enables them to highlight, annotate, search, print page-by-page and easily navigate through their customized DynamicBooks.

'It is exciting to see DynamicBooks working with Creative Commons-licensed textbooks to bring shareable, remixable, and reusable educational resources to teachers,' said Eric Steuer, Creative Director of Creative Commons. 'We are happy that this collaboration will provide educators with content that allows them to more easily do their jobs.'

Using the DynamicBooks editing tool, instructors can revise content, add or delete chapters or sections and include audio, video and course notes to make the textbooks more current and more relevant for their students. Students can access DynamicBooks online, download the books to their computer, print up to ten pages at a time. Printed, bound versions are also available for student purchase. Instead of copyright, all rights reserved, these textbooks are copyrighted with Creative Commons, GFDL, and customized open licenses that mean the textbooks can be freely shared and modified."



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