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"In February 2017, Tempe launched its open data program. Working with the Sunlight Foundation through the What Works Cities initiative, we started developing an open data policy that defines the city’s objectives and the key staff positions needed to run the program.

We are now asking for feedback on our draft policy from residents and subject matter experts. The draft open data policy is available online in a format that allows you to leave comments directly in the document text. The draft open data policy will be open for comment until Wednesday May 31, 2017.

Our policy’s central idea is that data should be released proactively, without waiting for someone to request it, without fees, and without restrictions on its use. This represents an exciting culture change for Tempe. Our policy and the open data program are major elements of Tempe’s commitment to using data to make better-informed, transparent decisions.

While the policy is an important step in launching a successful open data program, there are many challenges in creating a culture that values data as a public asset and presumes that data should be open and accessible by default."


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