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"Like forgotten humans cast aside by society and its controlling institutions, war-torn cities like Osijek, Sarajevo, and Alepo can only be saved by education. And their people can only be given a second chance at life through education. And this education need not (and cannot only) happen inside an institution and inside a library. And it absolutely must not continue to only be happening in major cities and involve the richest libraries where publishers and vendors always find the quickest return on investment. We must aim higher. The technology already at our disposal will help get us there.

Free Reading Zones is an attempt to get there in a way that rewards everyone in the process. If the book and library industry (all of it) gets the courage (and vision) to color outside those fixed lines just a little bit and tap into the potential of ebooks to level the playing field, the impact on the society will be tremendous. It’s up to us. And we only stand to gain."


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