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"Open access to become easier

The university libraries are joining forces in order to encourage open access publications. From now on, it will be possible to consult a national open access journal browser to see which journals offer open access publication, and which arrangements (such as discounts) are in effect. This website also lists the deals the universities have with various publishers. This practical tool makes it possible for any author to see in an instant which open access opportunities are available.

‘Want to know whether your favourite journal allows free open access publishing? Check the website or ask the University Library for advice!’

Spotlight on open access

The VSNU open access campaign kicked off on 15 May. This campaign is intended to promote awareness of open access among researchers. The goal is to see all publications available through open access by 2020. Various PhD candidates and renowned scientists have committed themselves to supporting this campaign. As the Open Access Week in October draws nearer, the posters and banners will be on display in more and more locations. The campaign will feature other supporters of open access, at each of the Dutch universities, as well.

Young PhD candidates and open access

Gareth O’Neill and Charlotte de Roon are two young PhD candidates who recognise the importance of open access. The VSNU spoke with them in connection with the open access campaign. According to Charlotte, open access offers PhD candidates a perfect opportunity to raise their profiles and for researchers, it's a way to let others know what you are working on. ‘Besides the possibility of promoting yourself and your work, open access publication makes your research easier to find – meaning it will be read by more people. More than that, it strikes me as only logical that publicly-funded research be made available to everyone.’ Like Charlotte, Gareth endorses the societal benefit of open access. He feels it is important to have free access to academic publications and is eager to contribute to that goal. After all, it's a two-way street. He is urging other PhD candidates to choose open access: ‘get the facts and just go for it!’"



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