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"The transparency of information is necessary to add Helsingin Sanomat's  editorial on 08/07/2017 found. We agree! In recent years, a number of municipalities in Finland have published information about its own supplies , even at the level of a receipt. This practice has been expanding into new so-called. The Hansel-law, whereby the various ministries, departments, agencies, and possibly provincial procurement would be published in a centralized state procurement of the company Hansel Anonymous.

The government is preparing a new so-called. Hansel-law ( Government bill HE 63/2017 vp Government bill to Parliament Hansel Oy, a new amendment to the Law on limited liability company) . Economic Affairs Law is the procedure in which the details of the finalized. Of particular interest in transparency and open data points of the bill, which introduces a new rule data acquisition and processing for information related to the processing law (Section 2 and Section 5).

In our view, if implemented Hansel-law more government transparency in an extraordinary way. At the same time when Finland will meet its international commitments, we use taxpayers' money more effectively, competition in public procurement is fairer and public spending is in general more transparent."


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