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September 13, 2017 at University of Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland.

"The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) recently introduced new requirements in its project funding scheme. As of October 2017 funding applications must be handed in together with a Data Management Plan (DMP). In a DMP researchers outline what data they will collect or generate, how they will handle the data during the whole life cycle, and how they will publish and preserve the data. Additionally, the SNSF expects that the research data generated by the funded project will be published and become freely accessible whenever possible. 

What are the implications for the applicants and how do they have to proceed in order to meet the new requirements? Dr. Aysim Yilmaz (SNSF, Head of Division Biology and Medicine) and Dr. Lionel Perini (SNSF, Humanities and Social Sciences division) present the new SNSF policies and guidelines on Open Research Data and will answer your questions.  Event in English.  Please note that there will be also an event in German (UZH Zentrum, 12:30�14:00, KOL-F-104)."


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