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"The result of our examination, beyond the general recommendations, features guidelines with detailed suggestions for specific fields. For example, we note that the 'date' field is problematic because there are so many possibilities (created, published, issued, modified, etc.) and no means of distinguishing among the various date traits. Another example we wish to improve is the handling of 'format.' This is a derived value in bepress metadata and there is no way to indicate controlled terms. And while qualified Dublin Core will expose a DOI, other unique identifiers remain hidden. Please see the full report of our findings, 'Best Practices for Mapping Digital Commons Metadata for Harvesting by SHARE.'

We believe that employing these recommendations will improve bepress metadata for sharing and for harvesting. We hope that other metadata specialists, including the broader Digital Commons community, will give feedback on our recommendations, as we feel that if a majority can agree on the same practices, it will be easier for bepress to implement our suggestions. Please review our recommendations for alignment between Digital Commons metadata schema and SHARE. We welcome comments or feedback on the document, or you may contact any of us directly with your thoughts and ideas!"


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