TIFU by Not Realizing I Had an Extreme Magnesium Deficiency for 5 Years.

reddit: the front page of the internet 2021-02-28

Over the past few years, I haven’t been able to focus. I had resigned that there was something wrong with me: probably an old head injury, cancer, new onset of autism, too much tiktok, unchecked ADHD or some other mental illness that would never get fixed. About 5 years ago, I was prescribed amphetamines and even went to a therapist that treated the issue as anxiety and learning to live with what I was experiencing through mindfulness.

It has only been getting worse after 5 years, so I just resigned myself that I was going to die soon and learned to live like this for years while just coping the best I can. This got even worse just recently when I had a seizure while I was waking up in the morning.

My focus been gradually going to shit with me lacking even the most basic ability to follow movies or what people were saying to me in conversation. I even worked with someone that would once told me “I don’t know if there’s something in your head that the words don’t catch...” but she was right. I couldn’t even follow the most basic ability to listen to others or read paragraphs from a page while retaining the main idea.

The other day, during my morning coffee routine, I decided to take a magnesium citrate vitamin that I found in the medicine cabinet just for fun since it mentioned nervous system support on the bottle.

I cannot begin to tell you the un-fucking-believable difference that happened in under 6 hours. It felt like someone rewired my brain into functioning again. 5 years of brain fog is nearly completely gone. I can follow conversations and follow what is being written down like I did 5 years ago. I did the same thing again today and I feel mentally healthier than I’ve been in over half a decade. I have a new outlook on life just because I curiously rummaged through the pill cabinet.

TL;DR: Resigned myself to dying young, but then I fixed 5 years worth of worsening focus with a magnesium citrate vitamin.

*EDIT: please consult a doctor first if you think you are going through something similar. There are many possible reasons for poor focus. Also, magnesium overdosing is a thing, so don’t rush to the drugstore to down a bottle.

*EDIT2: Here is what I swallowed for anyone wondering. and the front page? Hi mom!

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