Netflix fires organiser of trans walkout after ‘revealing $25m cost of Dave Chappelle special’ the subreddit "byebyejob" discusses

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Bye Bye Job is a subreddit about people getting fired for their behaviour online. Mainly this has been about Jan 6th rioters or anti-vaxxers complaining about being fired.

However one user posted the headline above and there has been a very drama filled response. Dave Chappelle's special has been criticised often by trans people as being transphobic due to defence of Jk Rowling and for his statement that he is "Team TERF" while at one point equating black face to trans people (IIRC)

Honestly I’d fire them too, this isn’t whistle blowing, this just straight up leaking trade secrets

This thread below has been the biggest slab of drama. With the main argument going back and forth about what comedy is about. With one side defending comedy's right to offend while the other claiming this is not a valid defence for what is going on in the special.

This one thread has a lot of arguments in it so sift through what you can.

The trans community against it handed him his success on a silver platter. I still haven’t forgiven them for bullying Daphne to death, and I’m gay. I love all trans men and women. I just think this oversensitivity is absolute bullshit and achieved the exact opposite of what they hoped for. Not only is Dave not cancelled, he’s more valuable than ever

Many comments (which I wont link as they aren't threads) talked about how they didn't find any of it offensive and that trans people are overreacting

Many comments against Chappelle are downvoted with many comments so here is the post sorted by controversial if you want to read all of those.


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