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"Stop the press! Do you want to embark on open science? Or just feel like dusting off that data buried in your file drawer and post it somewhere? Maybe you saw the cool kid from the front door lab bragging about "free and open data" and got envious. Whatever. I've got the perfect means especially to you: It is free, it is open, it is non-profit, it is backed by OpenAIRE and CERN! Cool! I've made some reviews about free and open repositories for datasets and academic stuff, but I am convinced that Zenodo is the top of all. Read my previous accounts on PeerJ Preprints, F1000research, and Figshare. Each one has strengths and drawbacks. However, a fast comparison shows how Zenodo has superiority in this field: all of them are for-profit, featuring free and paywalled versions, although equally open access. They have very different policies regarding content regulation, and neither is completely transparent about it. Plus, Zenodo features an easy integration with GitHub. Let's chart a comparison between them:"


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