Projet de directive européenne sur le droit d’auteur : garantir le libre accès aux résultats de la recherche (Draft European directive on copyright: guaranteeing free access to research results)

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"As Presidents of research organizations and institutions of higher education and French research we wish to recall that the free use of texts and research data by CT techniques is a real challenge for science and technology. innovation in Europe.

The vote of the European Parliament, in the framework of the draft European directive on copyright in the digital market, in favor of proposals that do not make full use of text and data mining is a major impact of research exploiting these techniques in Europe.

At a time when European governments wish to develop artificial intelligence and where the European Commission is strongly committed to open science, it is harmful to limit the development of CT techniques by too strong restrictions.

We call for lifting the brakes on the computerized exploration of the results of public research in order to accelerate scientific and medical progress as well as their economic exploitation."


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