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"Who are your founders? Anton Lucanus, Andrew Wrigley

What are you working on? Neliti is a web platform that allows research organisations to create modern, searchable digital libraries, publishers to create online academic journals, and conference organisers to manage conference proceedings. Our vision is to achieve 100% open access to scientific information in order to accelerate research that solves the world’s biggest challenges. Our Beta website (neliti.com) launched in January 2017 and now receives over 2 million monthly visitors.

Tell us your story so far! Anton was interning in a molecular biology lab in Jakarta three years ago. They were producing important data on things like the rates of Japanese Encephalitis in West Java or the genome of the first ever case of Zika in Indonesia. But a lot of this important data wasn’t made immediately available because to get that data out to the public you’ve got to go through the whole journal peer-review process. It was getting released eight or nine months down the track. This is an inefficient system and some of this data is very urgent — it needs to be released immediately and openly...."



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