What NASA Has Been Doing About Open Science

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"We have recently started a new Science category on It’s FOSS. We covered how open source approach is impacting Science in the last article. In this open science article, we discuss NASA‘s actively growing efforts that involve their dynamic role in boosting scientific research by encouraging open source practices. How NASA is using Open Source approach to improve science It was a great initiative by NASA that they made their entire research library freely available on the public domain. Yes! Entire research library for everyone to access and get benefit from it in their research. Their open science resources can now be mainly classified into these three categories as follows: Open Source NASA Open API Open Data 1. Open Source NASA Here’s an interesting interview of Chris Wanstrath, co-founder and CEO of GitHub, about how it all began to form many years ago: Uniquely named “code.nasa.gov“, NASA now has precisely 365 scientific software available as open source via GitHub as of the time of this post. So if you are a developer who loves coding, you can study each one of them every day for a year’s time! Even if you are not a developer, you can still browse through the fantastic collection of open source packages enlisted on the portal!..."



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