A Presentation of the Self-Publishing Model (SPM) as the Advent of a New Era of Scientific Communication | Nour Ouda, Claus Jacob

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Title: A Presentation of the Self-Publishing Model (SPM) as the Advent of a New Era of Scientific Communication. Author: Nour Ouda, Claus Jacob 

Academiacs international repository No. AIR-2018-0001

"Abstract: Traditional scientific dissemination via journals is problematic. It restricts the free exchange of knowledge due to financial restraints and, because of a subjective reviewing process, often impinges on authors’ originality. Eventually, important pieces of research are lost, whilst others are skewed in order to please anonymous referees. The Self-Publishing Movement (SPM) considers the free and open access to scientific knowledge as a right for all. Under the auspices of the SPM disseminating and acquiring knowledge is free of charge. The originality and creativity of authors’ work and ideas are preserved by avoiding the influence of referees. The standard linguistic and scientific quality of the work can be maintained by peer editors and endorsers before the dissemination. The overall quality and significance of the scientific endeavor is evaluated by the entire readership, interactively, through endorsements, objections and feedback on a free, public platform. The SPM follows the idea that science is a continuous, interactive social process free for all to participate - and that this process is possible today thanks to modern IT. The SPM pitches an open debate and endorsements of manuscripts against refereeing, and their subsequent reads, citations, use and usefulness against rigid and de facto unrelated impact factors."



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