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"Blockchain helps in adding flexibility and security to opendata licensing, motivating more creators to do so and more users to create and re-use. The post answers – What is opendata? Why is licensing important when we are actually opening things? What is blockchain? And how the above three works together? Opendata and licensing Opendata (very similar to open source projects, and thus an analogy for data) is basically the data that is open for anyone to use, re-use, and re-distribute. So why if this all is open, we need licensing? Because of many reasons, listing very few here- (a) mostly people put a lot of efforts to gather data e.g. in astronomy field. They clean it, and make it usable. Licensing allows giving due credits to them. And most important (b) licensing helps in understanding the exact re-distribution policies or re-use policies for the specific project. I will get back on this point. Blockchain Blockchain is in simple terms a ledger or a database. Now look at the image below – this is how wikipedia works – everyone updates a master copy on a central server...."


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