Writing a Wikidata Query: Discovering Women Writers from North Africa

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"Recently I attended the WikiIndaba Conference 2018 Conference in Tunis, where I helped lead a workshop with User:Helmoony to teach participants how to contribute to, and take advantage of Wikidata. I found the workshop to be very rewarding: several folks afterwards approached me, and said that the workshop helped them feel comfortable seeing Wikidata in their own work. As part of developing the workshop, I wrote this script, as a dress rehearsal to make sure I knew how I would teach the Wikidata query. I thought I would share its here, because teaching the query service can be challenging — and learning the process of developing a Wikidata query can be hard. (I also created a (very drafty) slide deck that I didn’t end up using, just in case I had to teach the query service offline.) But before the script, some thoughts…

A couple reflections on teaching Wikidata Queries

When teaching the Wikidata Query service, I have noticed a couple things: Don’t assume any prior knowledge about data/database, Wikidata/Wikimedia, SPARQL, structured information, or terminology. I have given workshops to both librarians and Wikimedians, where I thought some fundamental assumptions about data or Wikimedia would be share knowledge, but several folks didn’t know about it...."



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