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In the new knowledge economy, skills, knowledge and new ideas are a country’s most valuable resource. Keeping ahead of this economic transformation requires a new approach to knowledge discovery and dissemination that combines strong policies with core infrastructure and cultural change. Other countries—including the USA, Canada, China and in the UK and European Union—are making policy, funding and legislative changes to improve the discoverability and impact of their research publications and data. A new model, F.A.I.R.[1], is being adopted worldwide to make research output data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable[2].   Australia’s ability to remain competitive and contribute fully to the global economy relies on it grasping the new opportunities available for research dissemination to advance knowledge, solve complex real world problems and stimulate innovation. Lack of access to interlinked evidence in research publications and research data currently inhibits national and international research and scholarship, collaboration, and public debate. This statement affirms the need to make Australia’s publicly funded research outputs F.A.I.R., recognising this will require different approaches across different types of research output, a long-term national commitment, and consideration of the global change agenda. With F.A.I.R. access, Australian research will be more visible, the broader community will have better access to well-founded knowledge, Australian researchers will be able to more easily collaborate locally and globally, including with industry, and the Australian research enterprise will be more accountable to the community it serves. Furthermore, implementing a national approach of F.A.I.R. access to Australia’s publicly funded research outputs will position Australia as a participant and leader in the growing international open research and innovation ecosystem. It will ensure that Australia maximises the return on its public investment in research and innovation...."


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