Dataverse Community Meeting 2018, June 13-15 | Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science

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"The Dataverse Community Meeting, hosted by Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, welcomes researchers, librarians, publishers, developers and anyone interested in data sharing or building repositories. The Dataverse Project has a growing active community of users and developers and is now a mature repository software used to share, cite,  and archive research data. Learn more about the project at our site.

#Dataverse2018: Dataverse in the Age of Data Science

At the Dataverse Project's inception in 2006, we could not have envisioned some of the things that are possible by researchers today. As the research community's methods of managing and working with data have rapidly changed over the past 12 years, Dataverse has continued to evolve. Today’s researchers need a place to not only store and share their data, but to analyze it as well. In response, Dataverse is building integrations and new features that provide access to in-place computing resources, storage abstraction, and the ability to deposit data from new sources. While maintaining its core mission of providing a place to share, archive, publish research data, Dataverse is excited to continue to support researchers as they explore new frontiers in the age of data science, and to continue to make science better, bigger, faster, and more collaborative."


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