Researcher Centric Scholarly Communication at The Web Conf 2018 | Lyon, 2018-04-24

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"Event Researcher Centric Scholarly Communication co-located with The Web Conf 2018 Location Lyon, France Date 2018-04-24

Researcher Centric Scholarly Communication

The purpose of this workshop is the mobilisation of a core group of researchers and practitioners to investigate the core characteristics of a minimal viable platform for scholarly communication that is researcher-centric, interlinked, and web-native. As visible outcomes, this workshop aims to deliver insights regarding these core characteristics and will determine the most appropriate approach to engage in a sustained effort aimed at tackling technical challenges and promoting adoption of solutions. The workshop will be held at the The Web Conf 2018 and host invited talks and research presentations. If you would like to share your research at the workshop, respond to the call, and we will ensure your contribution is reviewed accordingly. We encourage all research contributions (articles and reviews) to be part of the Linked Open Research Cloud (LORC). Check it out! Social media hashtag: #LinkedResearch Program This event was transcribed...."


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