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Google English: "How to increase the visibility of our research work

One goal of everyone who publishes is to increase the visibility of their work, which will make them more used and cited, thus increasing the influence and impact of our research.

Evaluating the impact of the research result is a key activity in funding and employment applications, academic promotion, as well as improving the reputation of a researcher within the academic communities.

The steps to increase visibility could be summarized in the following:

Create and maintain an author profile that brings together all our publications, which allows other specialists to find our jobs quickly. We have tools like ORCID, Scopus Author ID, ResearchID and Google Scholar profile. Thanks to these we will solve the problem of the ambiguity of the author's name, we make sure that our publications are attributed to us correctly, which in turn increases the accessibility and visibility of our work.

Publish in Open Access and deposit our works in repositories.

Promote our research in social networks such as blog, LinkediN and Twitter to communicate with the local and international audience (academics and media, etc.).

Participate in academic social networks such as Mendeley, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, etc. These networks, in addition to showing our profile and publications, allow us to create a network with other researchers with the same interests and participate in an academic conversation. They also provide download statistics and quotations of our publications on the platform.

Identify with complementary metrics the scope and visibility of their work, that is, who has shared, discussed and cited our work. This gives us a better view of our audience."



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